Seeking Postdoctoral Associate

The Dimensional Materials Laboratory is also seeking a Postdoctoral Associate to advance the growth of Transition Metal Oxides (TMO) and Transition Metal Dichalcogenides (TMD). Themes of projects include experimental and theoretical interactions of biological cells on various 2D nanomaterials, fabrication of gas and environmental sensors and integration of 2D materials into batteries and fuel cells to improve power density and cost.

Ph.D. with a background in materials science, electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, or related fields are welcome to apply. Experience in one or more of the following areas are recommended: multiple years of experience in CVD systems, photo and e-beam lithography and device fabrication, vacuum systems, electrochemical characterization of half and full fuel cells and batteries usings a potentiostat. Experience with supervising graduate and undergraduate researchers on the day to day operations in a laboratory setting is a plus. Must also possess excellent written and verbal skills and are highly motivated for publishing often in peer-reviewed journals.

To apply, a summary of research interest, past research, CV, a list of publications along with writing samples from two first author publications. No less than three references, at least one outside of organization where the degree was earned, that can confirm candidates skills and abilities. This can be emailed to Prof. Kevin Daniels at Candidates will be evaluated as emails are received until a position has been filled.

Seeking Driven Graduate and Undergraduate Students

The Dimensional Materials Laboratory is currently seeking driven graduate and undergraduate students interested in the growth of novel 2D materials, advanced material characterization and device fabrication, electrochemistry towards the development of biological, chemical and environmental sensors. Please provide a CV/resume and a list of recommendations to this email to Prof. Daniels at Also in the email, please provide a brief statement of your academic/research background, interest in the above work as well as any applications of interest.

Laboratory Focus

The focus of the Dimensional Materials Laboratory is the development of novel chemical, environmental and biological sensors with high sensitivity and selectivity, understanding the interactions between micro/macromolecules and materials. This involves the study of materials of varying dimensionality, mainly 2D materials, utilizing advantages gained from the high surface area of the materials, where interactions result in pronounced changes in materials’ electrical, optical and mechanical properties.